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New York Data Security is a group of developers and IT specialists with over 10 years of hands-on experience. We worked on multiple projects varying in nature and complexity. Some of the ventures we took upon include developing cross-platform software solutions, web and mobile application QA testing, cloud hosting, network monitoring, and logging, as well as creating data security systems.

We believe in establishing long-term relationships with clients based on honesty and partnership. We discuss with our clients their needs and goals for the future and create a strategic IT plan, not just for current demands but a plan that ensures development and growth. Providing customers with flexible solutions and an open window for expansion in terms of IT hardware and software is our number one priority.
Passion for IT is our drive to continue sharpening our skills as technicians and developers. Moreover, we provide our customers with the latest technological solutions, therefore, NYDS regularly sets up training for their employees, and instructional tutorials to fully utilize newly owned equipment.

Regardless of the size of the project we always abide by the same values:
Professionalism – we work together and treat each other’s work with respect so that every individual within our group can contribute to success. We also never stray away from additional training, and love to be knowledgeable about new products continually entering the market.
Accountability – we take responsibility for our work and stand by our projects 100%. Every one of us understands the importance of timeliness and therefore we treat deadlines with professional seriousness. Planning and staying concentrated allows us to be efficient and diligently complete every project.
Client Value – treating every client individually with fully deserving attention and focus is what helps us develop long-term partnerships. We provide our clients only with the highest quality equipment, full service and support, and eventually, profitable business outcomes.