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Notes on Security

Nowadays cyber security is the most important matter for every company. Keeping your network safe means staying in compliance with laws and regulations, guarding financial assets of your company, protecting your employees and clients’ data, and, above all, presenting your company as a trustworthy and reliable partner. As technology becomes more and more sophisticated it [...]

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Malicious hackers constantly probe networks with a desire to breach their security. They use extremely sophisticated methods to do so and most likely you will not know about it until your data is exposed or stolen for ransom. Luckily there are advanced tools to monitor your network and detect possible danger, like viruses, risks or [...]

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Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing In the past years is has become apparent that cyber hackers are no longer amateurs breaking into networks to test their abilities. As a matter of fact, often times we deal with organized hacking groups instead of individuals working from their bedroom and they know that there is serious money to be made [...]

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For log management NYDS uses powerful tools built with Elasticsearch, Java, MongoDB and Scala, which analyze and monitor login activity as well as unusual activity. We are capable of keeping track of logs for years to later utilize it for data analysis.   Why keep track of logins? Modern day criminality is set in the [...]

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