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For log management, NYDS uses powerful tools built with Elasticsearch, Java, MongoDB and Scala, which analyze and monitor login activity as well as unusual activity. We are capable of keeping track of logs for years to later utilize it for data analysis. Data logging and monitoring are services that can help your business thrive.

Why keep track of logins?
Modern day criminality is set in the virtual world. Hackers do not need to physically break into your office to steal sensitive information. They use Secure Socket Shell (SSH), which is a network protocol allowing secure connection to remote server and computers. They can even rewrite access permissions and privileges using different commands. And once you’re in… you’re in. Hackers can take over your entire network, block it, and ask for ransom or copy some sensitive data to use it for criminal purposes and you will not know until it is too late.
Keeping track of SSH logins, including failed attempts, gives you information on who tried to access your network. Any suspicious activity is an alert to increase network security. Moreover, we can tell you if any of your employees visited websites unrelated to work, or sites that are potentially dangerous to your network. Another benefit of keeping records of logins is for analysis purposes. When you know who, from where and at what time of the year or day connected to your server, you can draw conclusions and make further business decisions based on such reports (e.g. advertisement strategies, product listing changes, etc.).

NYDS can keep track of SSH logins to your network and provide you with detailed reports on a regular basis or whenever you request it.