NYDS offers a variety of managed IT services NYDS is your one-stop vendor for IT services. Our long time expertise and hands-on experience can help you manage your business technology in the most efficient pattern. Custom tailored solutions that we offer address every client’s needs in a unique way. Our consulting team will assist you with IT project management from cradle to grave. From project manager to technician – all the employees at NYDS have industry certifications from the leading manufacturers on the IT market, such as CISCO, Microsoft or HP.





Avenues To Help Your Business Excel:

Application administration and comprehensive IT services

NYDS consultants, based on your business’ needs, will advise you the most beneficial IT solutions. We can help you manage your software, integrate it and alter it to the most efficient form. Meet with our consultant to discuss how New York Data Security can help you improve daily operation and increase financial profits.


Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Being ready for a disaster situation means being a good manager. NYDS can help you get your IT systems ready by developing procedures we could implement to keep your business running should such circumstances arise. We can also assist you and help you recover lost data if you already experienced a disastrous situation.


Cloud and Hosted Services

Let our experts take your business to the cloud, so you can access your information anywhere, make more room for more business data, and manage your transactions in an easier way. If you prefer to stay on the ground but have no room for servers and other hardware, let us host your information in our secure data center.


Network Installation and Configuration

If you have a new business and need IT systems put in place, or if you have outdated hardware, let our technicians install new equipment that you purchased (or we can purchase it for you), sync it, and do all the magic they do to make it work.


Network Security and Maintenance

Needless to say maintenance is required to keep the infrastructure running smoothly, so let us work on it. NYDS offers 24/7 network monitoring, constantly scanning for viruses and malware or suspicious activity. Monitoring is evidence that we believe in being proactive and prevent rather than intervene.