NYDS disaster recovery team meetingDisaster Recovery (DR) includes all the necessary measures planned in the event of a crisis situation to ensure as little to no damage as possible. Every company should have a disaster recovery written plan and procedures in place to safely survive natural disasters and other unforeseen dangerous circumstance. Such a plan must include data protection and software and hardware security.

No matter how robust and modern your hardware is, it is exposed to possible danger in case of flooding, strong winds, power outages and other man or weather related events. Long or short outages in service or service downtime come with the great financial loss for companies. According to Unplanned IT Outages downtime can costs business on average $5600 per minute. That number is the average amount across industries. As you probably figure downtime usually last longer than a minute, so do the math and ask yourself a question if you can afford it.

Naturally, money is not all that is lost when service is interrupted. As Shakespeare wrote a long time ago “Reputation, reputation, reputation!”  is more precious than any financial benefit. And so is true nowadays in terms of business. When a company loses its’ reputation it loses customers trust and loyalty. Examples stream from the news on a daily basis – software system outages at the airports, which slow down lives of thousands of passengers, emails suffering from interruption of service, digital telephony outages, etc. All that comes with the loss of consumers’ belief that your business is reliable.

NYDS can help you get ready and create a plan for disastrous situations to prevent downtime and let your company function as always in spite of the circumstances. We have long experience in backing up data and ensuring top safety procedures for daunting times. Our bulletproof DR plans will guard your business and you can focus on growth instead of the weather and power outages.


How to calculate the cost of downtime:

LOST REVENUE  =             (GR/TH) x I x H

GR          =             gross yearly revenue

TH           =             total yearly business hours

I               =             percentage impact

H             =             number of hours of outage

Service costs are rarely zero. So what will it cost your enterprise? How many accounts/customers will you lose?