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Business changes rapidly and IT has to adjust accordingly. NYDS understands that need and working on modifications at a moment’s notice in order to maintain stability and security of the network is no news to us. The best way to expedite network adaptations is with our Cloud and Hosting Services.
Using NYDS Cloud and Hosting Services gives your business freedom to grow and ability to move forward with operations that drive your business. Our solutions remove infrastructure constraints and limitations. Cloud-based business gives our technicians a better chance to manage security and other network related tasks. NYDS cloud and hosting services ensure immediate scalability, increased safety infrastructure, and experienced IT staff that will free you from daily network management ordeal.
NYDS can accurately evaluate your business needs in accordance with your workload and company size and offer an accurate solution. Once a plan is established we migrate your data and combine the existing system with the new one to create a hybrid, easily manageable environment. In combination with robust security, our solutions will provide your business with a worry-free IT network.
When talking about cloud security we talk about multiple services. NYDS provides all of them, including identity and access management, data loss prevention, disaster recovery, web and email security, security assessment, event management, and encryption. If you decide to meet with our consultant, feel free to ask more about each of the services offered and how they can help you scale your business.
Access Your Business Anytime Anywhere
As a cloud computing provider we deliver a solution where programs, applications, and databases are accessed anywhere and anytime via the internet. No need to house servers on premises and worry about their management. In addition, using cloud services we can test applications for you before they go live. Since we do not want our clients to fear security breaches, we take this burden upon ourselves and utilize industry top rated software along with our continually alert technicians.
Be our guest
For those businesses that choose not to be on the cloud but do not want to own and store hardware systems, we offer hosting solutions. NYDS has a data center, which is a safe storage for the computing environment. Furthermore, we can provide you with management and maintenance of the systems along with proactive monitoring for optimal performance.