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NYDS software development Since 2006 NYDS has been providing our customers with full-cycle development services. Our customers range from SBMs to Fortune 500 companies. NYDS software development portfolio includes fully customized applications, prototypes of programs, integration of new and existing applications, automation, as well as application testing and quality assurance. We are a one-stop software development vendor that can assist you with your project from conception through testing to live fully functional application.

New York Data Security has an experienced team of web, mobile and software developers.
Balancing the needs of your company along with short and long-term goals is challenging, yet important and necessary. One of such decisions is whether to invest in custom software to manage company data or buy a generic, canned solution. With honest experts from NYDS, you no longer have to struggle with the “to buy” or “to build” choice. With our skillful developers, we can build new or alter existing software so that it fits your business like a glove.

How can custom software scale your business?
As you know, every company is an evolving organism that grows with time. Naturally, it is wise to make sure that your software and hardware have the potential for expansion as well rather than throwing it out and purchasing a new one every now and then. NYDS developers create their software and mobile applications with elasticity to add space for data or new features with changing demands. Building upon existing software rather than starting from scratch increases productivity, saves time and money. Although some alterations are possible to be done to purchased, generic software, there are limits to it and expansion is not always an option. Making a choice whether to build or to buy should be consulted with an IT professional. A proper and accurate decision will help your business grow.
Mobile Apps
Additionally, mobile applications are very handy. To give an example you can use your phone with the right app to scan barcodes, adjust product quantity, take notes or safely access documents while not in the office, or chat with office staff and customers when not in front of your computer. In a way, your phone can become a hand-held office, which will increase your productivity and control over daily operations.
Despite preliminary costs, custom software can help your organization save money and become a resource to gain clientele.

Avenues To Help Your Business Excel:

Technology Consulting – Automation
With experience in software development, our advisory services can help you define your automation needs and precisely establish what kind of software your business will benefit from the most

Software Prototyping

With more complex projects, to control overall investment, it is always wise to build a prototype, observe and analyze its behavior in relation to your current infrastructure and then decide if this truly meets the needs of your company. Prototyping includes clickable wireframes with applied visual and static mockups.

Custom Software Development
NYDS has skills and experience in enterprise application development, web development, and mobile applications. We understand that every business is different and unique, therefore generic applications on the mainstream market might not be the right choice for everyone.

Software QA testing
Our QA engineers provide supreme testing services consisting of full-cycle QA, test automation, and documentation. All the QA testing is done in mind with the goals of your business.

Application Integration
Current software market offers solutions for every need. The problem arises when you try to synchronize them. Handling multiple software separately can definitely be a hassle and this is where our developers and IT specialists come in. We can connect your databases into one hub with centralized interface.

Maintenance and Support
If you are looking for a long-term partner to develop and assist you further with software or web development you are in the right place. Our developers stand by their products and can provide their help in terms of maintenance.