New York Data Security offers a wide range of services. For every project born in your business mind, we have a technology expert who can make it a reality. Our diverse team consists of professionals with many years of hands-on experience and great reputation. Take a look at the menu of IT services below and feel free to contact us for a quote.

New York Data Security Service Menu:


The more integrated your company data is the more efficient your team will be and what comes with it is increased revenue. Our developers’ team can build a custom software for your office and/or warehouse needs. If you have a bunch of software we can help you integrate it into one user interface.


We can take care of network upkeep, create a written plan of procedures when disaster strikes and provide you with cloud hosting or data center storage. We have a team of professionals to make sure that the IT side of your business is running smoothly and flawlessly.


Prevention is the key to success of every company. Being careful and thinking ahead, preparing for the worst and ensuring uninterrupted service is what we offer to our customers. Having a good strategy to even worst of possible circumstances is our solution.


It is easy to be unnoticed in the ocean of products and services. This is why NYDS hired the best web designers and developers to help you build a responsive modern website and help you establish a fully deserved online presence. With us, you will never be Mr. Cellophane!